Building Officials Meet in Indianapolis

Issue 18 and Volume 71.

Building Officials Meet in Indianapolis The eighth annual meeting of the Building Officials’ Conference was held last week in Indianapolis, Ind., April 25 to 28, the headquarters being at the Hotel Lincoln. Several papers and discussions of interest from a fire prevention standpoint were read at this conference. Some of these were: Building Code Committee—Department of Commerce, report of Rudolph P. Miller; Ideal Wall, report of committee, Chief John P. Healy, chairman: Building Exits, Safety Code, Charles McDermott, inspector of buildings, department of public instruction, New Jersey; An Ordinance for the Construction of Chimneys, as recommended by the National Board of Fire Underwriters; the Enforcement of Building Code Provisions, J. R. Hesser, commissioner of inspection, Toledo, Ohio: Recognition of the Principle of Automatic Control of Fire in Building Codes, Ira G. Hoagland, secretary, National Automatic Sprinkler Association; Fire Resistive (Jualities of Frame Buildings Protected by Stucco and Plaster on Metal…

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