Philadelphia’s Up-to-Date Water Works

Issue 19 and Volume 71.

Philadelphia’s Up-to-Date Water Works Efficient System of Filtration of the Convention City, Including the Largest Filters in the World—Four Operations: Sedimentation, Rapid and Slow Sand Filtration, Disinfection THE water supply of the convention city being purely a surface one, the filtration system will naturally be of considerable interest to the water works men who attend the convention. The following account, therefore, written by the sanitary engineer of the city, will be read with pleasure not only by those in attendance but also by the many who, through one reason or another, were unable to go to the convention. To the latter the article and the excellent illustrations which accompany it will help to visualize the great filter system that they missed seeing in not attending the forty – first annual convention of the American Water Works Association. The city of Philadelphia Uses about three hundred million gallons of water each…

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