Oil and Gas Heaters in Garages

Issue 19 and Volume 71.

Oil and Gas Heaters in Garages The number of cities of all sizes is increasing in which stringent laws are being placed upon the statute books prohibiting the setting in garages, automobile show rooms and stores, or any other establishments in which large quantities of gasoline is used or stored, of any form of coal stove or gas or oil heaters. The great number of fires resulting from carelessness in connection with the handling of gasoline by many who are connected with the automobile industry has rendered such provisions absolutely necessary in order to protect these establishments from fire and explosion. Not only is there danger of ignition from actual contact of flame with the gasoline, but the vapors arising from the liquid, especially if confined in a close room with a comparatively small amount of oxygen, are themselves highly inflammable and can carry the flame from an exposed light…

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