The “Fire Prevention Clown”

Issue 20 and Volume 71.

The “Fire Prevention Clown” A novel method of driving home to the children—and incidentally to their elders too—the lessons of Fire Prevention is illustrated herewith. The “Fire Prevention Clown” is produced under the direction of Assistant Chief Harry K. Rogers, of the fire department of Marion, Kan., and has thus far proved very successful in accomplishing this object. Chief Rogers describes the act entertainly as follows: “Jumping Jack in his striking suit of red and yellow and wearing a fireman’s red helmet, talks to the children in a simple and effective manner of fire dangers and fire protection. The kiddies are startled to hear that a fire occurs every minute of the day in the United States. The frequency of the fires is demonstrated to them by a fire gong that rings each time the big fire clock, special property of the clown, checks off a minute, greater is their…

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