Business Section Destroyed and No Water

Issue 22 and Volume 71.

Business Section Destroyed and No Water Another case where the town was visited by a $75,000 fire which gained its great headway through the lack of proper fire-fighting facilities was that in Gilman, Wis. The town, according to a report of A. R. Heagle, has no water system except that furnished from wells and no means of fighting a fire except fire extinguishers. The fire originated from unknown cause after about 2:30 a. m. on April 23, and wiped out practically the entire business section, including a drug store and the post office of the village. The buildings destroyed were of frame, thus being an easy prey to the flames and the fire was not stopped until it reached the cross streets after burning four hours. According to the account, “no one in particular” was in command of the fire and with this go-as-you-please arrangement and no water it is…

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