Superintendents Swap Experiences

Issue 22 and Volume 71.

Superintendents Swap Experiences Report of the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Sessions of the A. W. W. A. Convention—Lively Discussions on Superintendents’ Day—Timely Papers Read and Considered WEDNESDAY S SESSIONS The first session on Wednesday opened with President Bartow in the chair at 9:30 a. m. The first report was that of the committee on Standard Form of Contract, by J. Waldo Smith, which was ordered accepted. This was followed by Chairman George W. Fuller’s report of the Standardization Council. Mr. Fuller spoke of the important work done by the various committees of the Council, of which there are seventeen, especially emphasizing the work of the committee on abstracts, Mr. Hannan of Toronto, having been appointed abstractor-in-chief. This committee had gotten its work well organized. Mr. Fuller’s report was adopted. After this the chair requested Mr. Fuller to report for the advisory committee on standards of the United States Public Health…

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