Issue 24 and Volume 71.

SEATTLE FIREMEN ORIGINATE GAME OF “FIREMEN’S GOLF” Description of the Rules of the Game and Some Illustrations Showing How It Is Played EXERCISE is an important part of the duties of a fireman as this tends to keep his muscles in good trim and and his body in proper physical condition. When these exercises can be made to combine recreation in an attractive form it is of great advantage to the department. Several questions having come to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING as to a game known as “Firemen’s Golf,” an inquiry was sent to Chief George M. Mantor of the fire department of Seattle, Wash., where the game was said to have originated, inquiring as to just how it was played. In his response Chief Mantor said, “This game was suggested by a newspaper man of this city and the sketch which accompanies this letter will give you an idea…

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