What Every Fire-Fighter Should Know

Issue 24 and Volume 71.

What Every Fire-Fighter Should Know FIRE STREAMS (Continued from page1038) The general method for nozzle use in any size hose is to employ nozzle one-half the diameter of the hose that is used. Other methods of determining proper nozzle diameter are given in the chapter on hydraulics. In many cases after a stretch of 12 lengths, according to the source of supply, it may be necessary to reduce the size of the nozzle in order to obtain effective nozzle pressure. These rules do not, of course, take into consideration the back pressure caused in lines due to elevation of nozzle in building over the street. The size of tips on street lines and wagon pipes depends entirely upon the quantity and pressure of supply and the requirements of the fire. Friction Loss Readers have probably noticed at a fire that when the engine pressure was increased, a proportional increase in…

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