Autoists Interfere with Chicopee Firemen

Issue 24 and Volume 71.

Autoists Interfere with Chicopee Firemen Following a complaint made by Chief Arthur Montmeny of the fire department of Chicopee. Mass., to Col. Alfred Foote, head of the State constabulary, that autoists were failing to heed the sirens of the fire trucks and to give right of way to fire apparatus, a conference was held between Chief Montmeny and Sergt. Frank Beaupre of the constabulary. The latter promised that the constabulary would co-operate with the chief in apprehending the offenders. During the recent grass fire epidemic the chief found much difficulty in getting to the blaze through the traffic on account of the fact that many of the machines would not draw to one side of the street. While there is no city ordinance in Chicopee governing this particular misdemeanor, the state law carries a fine of $50 or three months’ imprisonment for those wilfully obstructing fire apparatus.

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