You See, Judge It Was This Way

Issue 24 and Volume 71.

You See, Judge It Was This Way WE all of us make mistakes. The little slips that FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING sometimes makes remind us of a story we recently heard: Six workmen on a job had formed the easy habit of blaming all of the mistakes made on one of their number, who took it all uncomplainingly. One day the foreman discovered that an error had been made and upon questioning his men, five of them pointed to the unlucky sixth, and said: “He did it.” The foreman, a man of judgment, then said: “You five are fired. If this fellow has been making all the mistakes he must have been doing all the work.” If your work is done faithfully and well, an occasional mistake is permissable. To err is human. You Can Help FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING has probably raised its full quota of mistakes, and no…

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