Broken Sprinkler Lead Reduces Pressure

Issue 24 and Volume 71.

Broken Sprinkler Lead Reduces Pressure Number 2 warehouse of the Fox Point Warehouse Company, on the railroad near the water front of East Providence, R. I., caught fire, according to an account submitted by Captain Charles H. Simmons of the Providence fire department, at 4:10 p. m. on April 26, from an unknown cause. The blaze started in the center of the building, which occupies a space 250 feet long and 100 feet wide and is about 25 feet high, of one story, and the alarm was received by telephone at 4:10 p. m. When the department arrived, large volumes of heavy smoke were pouring from the building owing to the burning cotton, of which there were about 15,000 bales stored in the building. There were 46 men at the fire with one Alco and one Reo motor combination cars. Five 6-inch double hydrants were available spaced about 400 feet…

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