Efficient Fire Protection in the Smaller Town

Issue 25 and Volume 71.

Efficient Fire Protection in the Smaller Town How to Improve Volunteer Fire Departments—Importance of Capable Officers—Young Men of Good Physique Should Compose Active Membership-Care of Apparatus, Etc. “Every fire department worthy of the name must have some kind of an organization, a directing head and a capable membership. There should be a chief and an assistant chief. Too great care cannot be used in the selection of these officers, for upon their choice will rest the efficiency of the department.” “Far too often the chief is a man of little force, a political hanger on, or a long time member who has drifted into the job and is tolerated because a more capable man cannot be pried loose from his selfish interests and inoculated with public spirit and service. Again let it be repeated, pick a good chief and keep him in office.” THE tendency of the times is to…

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