Issue 25 and Volume 71.

WHAT HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED IN STANDARDIZING COUPLINGS Various Agencies Have Worked Together Harmoniously to Attain the Result-New Jersey Chiefs Take Action FIRE fighters, fire underwriters and others concerned in improved methods and practices of fire extinguishment, will be interested to learn that within the last two years, upwards of 300 cities and towns have had their fire hose threads converted to the National Standard and that the lack of uniformity in such threads, is soon destined to become a far less conspicuous factor contributing to our tremendous fire losses. The committee on Fire Prevention and Engineering Standards of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, which is leading the fight for uniformity, reports that at the end of the calendar year 1921. the work of state-wide standardization was organized and under effective headway in Indiana. Iowa, Michigan, Minnnesota, New Jersey, Ohio and Rhode Island. More recent additions to this list include:…

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