Nation-wide Standardization of Hose Couplings

Issue 25 and Volume 71.

Nation-wide Standardization of Hose Couplings One of the goals that the coming convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers should set for its members is the actual accomplishment of country-wide standardization of hose couplings and hydrant connections. Much splendid work has been accomplished by state lire chiefs’ associations, fire marshals, the National Board of Fire Underwriters and the National Fire Protection Association in bringing about standardization in this respect in many sections of the country. The conditions as regards the ability of cities and towns to assist each other in case of a serious conflagration have vastly improved in 1922 as compared with those in the begining of 1921. But this does not mean that the work is country-wide by a long shot. Herein lies the great opportunity of the I. A. F. E. It is the representative association of fire chiefs of the country. There has been established…

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