St. Joseph to Have New Fire Apparatus

Issue 1 and Volume 72.

St. Joseph to Have New Fire Apparatus Steps are soon to be taken to purchase a great deal of equipment for the St. Joseph, Mo., fire department, for which the citizens recently voted a bond issue of $240,000. Chief Regan is now on a trip through the west and will visit the various departments of the large cities to get ideas to incorporate into the rehabilitation of the St. Joseph department. The recommendation of Chief Regan when the fire department bond issue was first taken up were as follows: Seven 750-gallon pumpers, with 50-gallon chemical tanks at a cost of $12,500 each. He also recommended that a 350-gallon pumper be replaced with a 750gallon pumper: 50gallon chemical and hose truck, $9,000; 85foot aerial truck with ladder pipe, $17,000; 50-foot service truck with 50-gallon chemical tank, $21,000; supply and emergency truck, hose body, with 50-gallon gasoline tank with pump, $8,500; one…

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