Lightning Causes Oil Fire in Bayonne, N. J.

Issue 1 and Volume 72.

Lightning Causes Oil Fire in Bayonne, N. J. A bolt of lightning was responsible for a bad oil fire in Bayonne, N. J., on May 15, according to an account furnished by Chief Alfred Davis, of the fire department of that city. Three oil tanks in the Tide Water Oil Company’s plant were struck simultaneously in midafternoon at 4:30 p. m. and before the conflagration was under control several other large gasoline tanks and some naphtha tanks exploded, all of the agitators in the treating department were destroyed, a row of seventeen continuous treaters were practically wiped out and the connections between the tanks badly damaged. The plant fire department co-operated with the city department in fighting the fire. At first the members of the plant department attempted to fight the fire alone but when the flames enveloped the agitators and began to spread it was decided to call upon…

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