Issue 1 and Volume 72.

WATER WORKS NEWS NOTE—Special Water Business News, with proposals, etc., will be found on page 31—EDITOR. A contract has been awarded by Austin, Minn., for a new building to house the water and light plant. Contracts totaling some $45,000 have been let in Minot, S. Dak., for the laying of water mains and sewers. A contract for an improved water works system for Red Lodge Mont., amounting to $63,106.70, was let on June 5. By a vote of 261 to 21, Storm Lake, Ia., citizens decided in favor of an issue of $40,000 in bonds for water works improvements. At a mass meeting in Adams, Neb., citizens went on record in favor of the installation of a water works system to cost over $25,000. Pitometer survey of water department of Bloomington, I11., is about to be made to determine the exact amount of loss by leakage and waste. The breaking…

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