The Protection of Exposures

Issue 2 and Volume 72.

The Protection of Exposures One of the most important matters in the construction of new buildings, especially in crowded business sections, and at the same time one of the most neglected, is the proper protection of exposures. This is true both to fire resistant and ordinary mill building construction; in office buildings, apartments, in schools and also in residences. In the business structures the neglect to properly protect outside windows in narrow streets or alleys or where these structures overlook lower buildings with narrow steel or frame window sashes with wire glass panes is very noticeable. This also applies to school buildings, an instance of which is shown in this week’s account of the fire in the Passaic, N. J., church and school. Windows with ordinary glass in exposed positions invite disaster for the structure of which they form a part. The heat generated by a fire in an adjoining…

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