The Fairness of Meterage

Issue 2 and Volume 72.

The Fairness of Meterage As a financial proposition the system of charging for water by measurement by means of the water meter has long been acknowledged by most water works superintendents to be far superior to the old flat rate method. The only reason why the few remaining departments have not long ago adopted it is the hesitation to brave public opposition. This opposition, where it does exist, is undoubtedlv the result of misunderstanding of the principles of the system by the water consumers. A common fallacy, in this respect, is the idea that the meter system will result in heavier charges to the consumer. On the contrary, with equitable rates, the consumer, provided he is careful and does not waste water unduly. will find that his water bills will be less under meter than if paying by the flat rate. This is logically true, and also shows the fairness…

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