Exaggerated Fire Reports in the Daily Press

Issue 6 and Volume 72.

Exaggerated Fire Reports in the Daily Press The fire reported by Chief John F. Healy, of the Denver Col., fire department to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING as published in this week’s issue on page 289 is another example of the gross exaggeration that sometimes accompanies early reports of fires in the daily press. In the first reports of fires the damages are almost always given considerably in excess of the actual loss—sometimes, as in this case, many thousands of dollars too great. As in the excitement accompanying a fire the chief and members of the department are too busy in fighting it to answer queries of reporters as to the damage—questions which while the fire is in progress could not be answered anyway—the only recourse the reporter has is to rely upon the estimates of either the owner, insurance men or bystanders, or else to make a guess at it…

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