Practical Articles by Practical Men

Issue 6 and Volume 72.

Practical Articles by Practical Men Under the above title an editorial was published in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING of July 19, in which it was urged that our readers who are water works superintendents put down on paper the thoughts and experiences that are the product of many years of service in the water works field and give them the light of day through our columns, thus allowing others the benefit of them. One fruit of this editorial is the practical article on filter plant problems by Mr. Rowe, which leads this week’s issue. This article was inspired, so Mr. Rowe writes us, by the request we made. Probably if we had not published the editorial the idea of writing of his filter problems would not have occurred to Mr. Rowe and the water works profession would have been so much the poorer. What the superintendent of Wellsville has done,…

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