What Every Fire-Fighter Should Know

Issue 8 and Volume 72.

What Every Fire-Fighter Should Know A Series of Articles Covering Every Phase of Fire Fighting VENTILATION (Continued from page 321) Probably no subject has received more deserved attention in recent years by those who give careful thought to fire fighting than the subject of ventilation. It has been practiced to a certain extent by most fire departments, but the exact status of it was not determined until very recently. In the New York fire department, for instance, the practice began gaining impetus years ago, and was assuming some tangible form when an order was issued in the department that unnecessary breaking of glass at fires would not be tolerated. This order, insignificant and innocent as it may appear, meant the undoing of all that had been accomplished in the way of ventilating. For fear of violating the order, the men went to almost ridiculous extremes to avoid breaking glass, even…

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