Danger in the Handling of Gasoline

Issue 8 and Volume 72.

Danger in the Handling of Gasoline The use of gasoline has, since the introduction of the motor car and the use of the internal combustion engine for so many other purposes, become so general that its fire hazards are brought prominently to the fore. One of these is emphasized in the article by Mr. Wedger which leads this issue. This danger is the generation of static or frictional electricity in the pouring of the fluid through chamois skin, as is often done by persons who are ignorant of the danger which this act entails. The use of a rubber tube, or a rubber lined hose as a conveyance of gasoline is another of the dangers that Mr. Wedger points out, and there are several other pitfalls which a person not familiar with the properties of electricity may fall into in the use of the fluid. In other words, as Mr.…

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