More Important than the Railroads

Issue 9 and Volume 72.

More Important than the Railroads NO matter what happens, the country’s fire protection and water supply service must continue uninterrupted. Temporarily we can manage to get along with curtailed railroad service; coal strikes, too. are serious, but we have survived them before. Can you conceive of a situation, however, in which a civilized community suddenly found itself for any length of time deprived of fire protection and water supply! The mind of man can scarcely conceive of a more horrible calamity than would he the inevitable result. Essential Industries Fire protection and water supply are essential industries in the highest sense of the word. And a magazine like FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, that conscientiously serves these vital industries week after week throughout the years, is performing, in a sense, a public trust. CWe are trying to do our part in bringing about improvements, increasing efficiency, helping the workers, and, in…

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