Blasting for Rapid Transit Endangers Main

Issue 9 and Volume 72.

Blasting for Rapid Transit Endangers Main George E. Cripps, superintendent of the repair division of the Rochester, N. Y., water department, has given orders that the gates of the 36-inch main at the Mount Hope Reservoir in that city shall be closed at each blast in the old canal bed, which is being transformed into a rapid transit railroad. The main runs through the canal bed parallel with and only a few feet from the Caledonia Avenue Bridge. It is now exposed to view as a result of some excavation. The rock bed of the canal requires dynamiting before the steam shovel can start its work of deepening the prism, and in the course of the work, a few sticks will be exploded directly alongside the pipe. If an explosion has no ill effect, it is possible the rock may be blown against the main with such force as to…

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