Advantages of the Automobile Pumper

Issue 11 and Volume 72.

Advantages of the Automobile Pumper Much has been written of late on the subject of the practice of raising the pressure at the water works pumping station for the purpose of fighting fires. This practice is gradually being superseded, owing to the increasing use of the gasoline automobile pumping fire engine. This form of fire apparatus has become very popular with both large and small fire departments within the last few years and indications are that its popularity is increasing. This is very natural as the fire-fighting engine combines within itself the triple units of a pump, a chemical engine and a hose carriage. On the other hand, the practice of increasing the pressure at the pumping station entails an unnecessary strain on the distribution system of the water works, often resulting in the rupture of service pipes and plumbing fixtures and sometimes in more serious results to the system,…

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