Small Fire Loss in Indianapolis

Issue 11 and Volume 72.

Small Fire Loss in Indianapolis In referring to the fact that Indianapolis does not appear on the list of sixty-six cities in the United States where the per capita fire loss amounted to $5 or more in 1921, compiled by the committee on statistics and origin of fires of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, Frank C. Jordan, chairman of the fire prevention committee of the chamber of commerce of that city and secretary of the Indianapolis Water Company said: “In recent years Indianapolis usually has been included in this list, but I am glad to say that our 1921 loss was considerably below the average throughout the United States and we were spared the unpleasant publicity of being included. Our fire loss since January 1 of this year indicates that our 1922 per capita loss will be somewhere around $3, a record of which we can feel proud. “Indianapolis…

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