Work Started on Baltimore Filtration Plant

Issue 11 and Volume 72.

Work Started on Baltimore Filtration Plant Water Engineer Megraw, of the department of Baltimore, Md., announced on August 18, that work has been started on the $1,500,000 addition to the filtration plant of the city. Added facilities, according to Mr. Megraw, are needed since the average daily consumption of water is 146,000,000 gallons a day and sometimes goes as high as 150,000,000 gallons. Referring to this matter, Mr. Megraw said: “The ‘squeezing’ necessary at peak hours forces the machinery beyond its normal capacity and is not good for it.” To relieve the situation new filter beds, made necessary by increasing water consumption and raising of the Lock Raven Dam, will practically double the capacity of the present filters, which is now 182,000,000 a day. The new filters will furnish 100,000,000 gallons more. The new beds will constitute a complete separate unit. The site is on the west side of Hillen…

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