The Volunteer Convention

Issue 12 and Volume 72.

The Volunteer Convention The annual conventions of volunteer firemen, several of which have taken place during the past month or so and others are to follow, have like all other matters firemanic undergone a change in the past few years. The old idea, that of the carnival, while still in vogue, has undergone certain modifications which are the result of the tendency toward efficiency and perfection in fire fighting. In other words, the volunteer goes to his convention with much the same idea as the paid chief and firemen, namely, to improve himself as a fire fighter. With this idea prevalent naturally the convention—or carnival or festival, if you will—has taken on a more business-like tone. The convention is no longer a junketing trip for pleasure alone. Contests in fire-fighting ability are held, fire apparatus and applicances manufacturers’ exhibits are offered, papers are read and round table discussions on topics…

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