Savannah Instructs Boy Scouts

Issue 17 and Volume 72.

Savannah Instructs Boy Scouts Two hundred Boy Scouts in uniform gathered at the city auditorium recently at Savannah, Ga., to hear several speakers tell of the various methods of preventing fires in cities. The speakers were W. F. Train, president of the Underwriters Association of Savannah, Chief John H. Monroe, of the fire department and City Electrical Inspector T. P. Sandiford. Mr. Train said that fire is our greatest enemy and can be checked only by proper co-operation of national agencies, such as organizations which the boys represented. Chief Monroe reviewed the cause of the 493 fires which occurred in Savannah last year. He impressed upon the scooute the duty which they owe to society to report anyone who is seen meddling with fire alarm boxes or sending in false alarms. Mr. Sawdiford expained to the Scouts the mechanism of the fire alarm system. He had mounted on the stage…

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