Issue 17 and Volume 72.

CUSHION TIRES FOR FIRE APPARATUS Improvements Made in Cushion Tires Make Them Serviceable in Use on Fire Apparatus—Gradual Wear and Low Center of Gravity Advantage THE merits of the pneumatic tire for fire apparatus have been well presented by Chief Houston before the I. A. F. E. convention, and the paper, together with the discussion which it occasioned, has been reprinted in a previous issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. This paper and comments made thereon indicate that the principal merit of the pneumatic tire lies in its resiliency or ability to absorb shocks at high speeds of travel and the ensuing saving in truck repairs made possible by its high cushioning effect. The comments also indicate that the reliability and speed of the pneumatic tire for heavy fire apparatus have been improved to a marked extent so that now a comparatively definite amount of service can be expected from…

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