Proposed California Firemen’s Association

Issue 17 and Volume 72.

Proposed California Firemen’s Association A movement is on foot to form a state firemen’s association for California. The leaders in this important plan are the departments of Fresno and San Diego, and each has appointed a committee of three to work together in bringing all of the departments—both paid and volunteer—in the state into a compact organization. A circular issued by the committees, explaining the plan of organization, is as follows: Help Yourself by Helping Us Organize the California State Firemen’s Association Greetings: The members of the fire department of Fresno and San Diego, as well as the members of many other fire departments throughout the state, feel that we should have a state organization, and to further that end, the Fresno and San Diego firemen have advanced the necessary money to pay the expenses incident to forming a California State Firemen’s Association. Each department has appointed a committee of…

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