Fire Hazards in Oil Refineries

Issue 19 and Volume 72.

Fire Hazards in Oil Refineries Fires in oil refineries may be caused by lightning or other mishaps, or by carelessness in allowing the oil or vapors to become ignited, states the Bureau of Mines in Serial 2400, just issued. Probably the most frequent cause, however, is the failure of refining equipment. Stills are designed to be safe, and usually are safe. Nevertheless, defects sometimes occur, as in all metal structures, and unless promptly discovered and remedied may result in serious fires and explosions. The dangers of refining crude oil are well recognized, and all modern refineries have developed highly efficient systems of inspection and fire prevention. Mayor S. L. Shank of Indianapolis, Ind., has made a statement to the firemen of that city, that all beds in the fire stations would be removed and sold at public auction. When Purchasing Agent Jesse E. Miller informed the mayor that the many…

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