Hazards of Farm Lighting

Issue 19 and Volume 72.

Hazards of Farm Lighting In a report recently published by the U. S. Dept, of Agriculture, it is stated that 79 per cent, of American farm houses are still lighted by the antiquated kerosene lamp. The significance of this statement can best be realized by those who have been compelled to use this smelly, unsatisfactory and dangerous form of illumination. But the statement takes on a more serious meaning when it is remembered that a large percentage of fires in farm houses, and more particularly barns, are caused by kerosene lamps and lanterns. The significance of the farm fire to the chief of the municipal fire department is greater than may, on first thought, be supposed. Farm fires mean long runs into the country, often upon roads that are by no means the best, and sometimes the worst, only to find on arrival that the department is too late. In…

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