Care of Motor Fire Apparatus at Fires

Issue 23 and Volume 72.

Care of Motor Fire Apparatus at Fires Emphasis is laid upon the necessity of officers and chauffeurs of fire departments giving proper attention to motor apparatus while standing at fires, especially during the cold season, in special order No. 212 of the New York fire department. Section 1 of the order reads as follows: “Attention is called to Paragraph I, Special Order No. 211, dated December 9, 1921, which reads as follows, and will be strictly adhered to: ‘Company officers and chauffeurs are reminded of the necessity of giving proper attention to company motor apparatus while standing at fires during the cold season. Every precaution must be taken to prevent motors from becoming chilled and freezing, resulting in possible damage to, and the placing out of service of. apparatus, by starting up the motors at short intervals. If necessary, motors will be kept running. This, in order that apparatus may…

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