The Chiefs of District No. 17 Meet

Issue 1 and Volume 73.

The Chiefs of District No. 17 Meet The chiefs of District No. 17, Texas Mutual Fire Chiefs Association held their regular quarterly meeting at Waxahachie, Tex., on December 7 The amendments to the state arson law to provide for the conviction of incendiaries in circumstantial evidence and the frequent and thorough testing of fire fighting equipment were discussed. All the chiefs in the district were present. At the noon hour the chiefs were guests of the Waxahachie Rotary club at the Hotel Rogers after which they were taken on an automobile tour of the city. The chiefs were welcomed by Mayor Carroll Todd and Assistant Chief Hughes, of Dallas, responded. A committee on the preparations of the next meeting consists of: Chief Myers, Dallas, chairman; Chief John Rowsey, Greenville; Chief Joe La Roe, Terrell; Chief A. Ablovitch, Commerce, and R. P. Burks Midlothian. The next meeting of the chiefs will…

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