Issue 2 and Volume 73.

NEW TYPE OF MULTI-STAGE SERIES CENTRIFUGAL PUMP Advantages of Double Suction Impeller Are Retained by Providing Individual Volutes for Each Impeller—Ample Interconnecting Passages in Casing WHERE pumps driven by motors of slow or moderate speeds must deliver water at pressures higher than are desirable or practicable for a single-stage pump, instead of using a single-suction multi-stage pump, two separate single-stage pumps are sometimes connected in series, so that one discharges into the suction of the other. This method has frequently been adopted, particularly in water works service. In medium and smaller sizes, the use of two independent pumps in series becomes somewhat more cumbersome, and a multi-stage pump is more often used. The length of shaft permissible in a multi-stage pump is limited because of the critical speed, and if any stages are employed, the designer no longer has a free hand in providing water passages of the shape and…

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