How State Fire Marshals Cooperated with Chiefs in 1922

Issue 2 and Volume 73.

How State Fire Marshals Cooperated with Chiefs in 1922 Articles on Work of These Officials Along Fire Prevention Lines—Reduction of Fire Hazards, Standardization of Hose Couplings, Prosecution of Incendiaries—Plans for 1922 THE series of articles which follow and will be continued in subsequent issues, were written for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING by several of the state fire marshals and give not only an outline of the work accomplished by their departments during last, year, but also tell of the plans which are going forward to make their work for 1923 even more effective. The splendid co-operation between these state officials and the chiefs of the fire departments of cities and towns in their jurisdiction is one of the most encouraging features of the fight for fire prevention. Educational Exhibits by Kansas Fire Marshal The activities of the department of the state fire marshal during the past year have centered around…

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