Issue 3 and Volume 73.

CONVENTION DATES Jan. 15-20—FREE SHORT COURSE FOR WATER AND FILTER ORERATORS. Address Dr. W. F. Davidson, director of public health, Dallas, Texas; V. M. Ehlers, state sanitary engineer, Austin, Texas. Jan. 17-18—AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS. Annual meeting, 29 West 39th Street, New York City. Secretary, John H. Dunlap, same address. Jan. 18-19—INDIANA ENGINEERING SOCIETY. Forty-third annual meeting, Lincoln Hotel, Indianapolis, Ind. Secrectary, Charles Brossman, 1503 Merchant’s Bank Building. Indianapolis, Ind. Jan. 18-20—AMERICAN CONCRETE PIPE ASSOCIATION. Annual convention, Chicago, Ill. Secretary, M. L. Loving, Ill West Washington Street, Chicago, Ill. Jan. 20—TEXAS WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. Annual convention, last day of water works school, Dallas, Texas. Also joint convention June 18, 1923, with Southwest Water Works Association at Wichita Falls, Texas. Secretary, V. M. Ehlers, Austin, Texas. Feb. 14, 15—INDIANA SANITARY AND WATER SUPPLY ASSOCIATION. Annual convention, Claypool Hotel, Indianapolis, Ind. Secretary, C. K. Calvert, 1902 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis,…

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