Delay in Alarm Causes Loss in Lambertville

Issue 3 and Volume 73.

Delay in Alarm Causes Loss in Lambertville Neglect to turn in an alarm of fire at once and the consequent delay was the cause of a bad fire in Lambertville, N. J., on October 20. according to a report furnished by Chief Richard J. Mangan, of the fire department of that city. The blaze occurred in the plant of the Jespersee News Printing Corporation, situated in the center of the city and occupying a space of 400 x 200 feet, three stories in height of brick and frame construction, the walls being composed of brick and there being no partitions. The fire which was of unknown cause, occurred at 1:30, and the alarm came in over the ’phone sometime after the blaze started. On the arrival of the department, under the command of First Assistant. Chief Thomas Hull, the frame structure was found to be a mass of flames. There…

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