Mains 23 Years Old Good for 15 Years’ Service

Issue 3 and Volume 73.

Mains 23 Years Old Good for 15 Years’ Service According to a report submitted by William R. Conard, consulting engineer, which is included in the annual report of Superintendent Stephen H. Taylor, of the water works of New Bedford, Mass., cast iron mains laid twenty-three years ago were on the whole found to be in very fair condition. He predicted that the pipes were still good for twelve or fifteen years of service. In Mr. Taylor’s report it is shown that the daily consumption during the past year has been 10,500,000 gallons. During the last few months of the year, however, the consumption was considerably larger due to an increase in service and the resumption of operation in the mills. New services installed during the year were 759, which is a record for services during any year in the history of the city. The amount of mains laid during the…

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