Issue 4 and Volume 73.

CONVENTION DATES Fab. 14, 15—INDIANA SANITARY AND WATER SUPPLY ASSOCIATION Annual convention, Claypool Hotel, Indianapolis, Ind. Secretary. C. K. Calvert, 1902 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis, Ind. March 7 District No. 17 TEXAS FIRE CHIEFS MUTUAL ASSOCIATION. Next meeting, Commerce, Tex. Secretary, O. A. Baker, Dallas, Tex. April 17-20—TRI-STATE WATER AND LIGHT ASSOCIATION OF CAROLINAS AND GEORGIA. Thirteenth annual convention, Framingham, Ala. Secretary-Treasurer, W. F. Stieglitz, Columbia, S. C. May 7-9—AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ENGINEERS. Ninth annual convention, Norfolk. Va. May 21-25 — AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. Forty-third annual convention, Statler Hotel, Detroit, Mich. Secretary, John M. Diven, 152 West 71st Street. New York City. June 6-8, 1923—MARYLAND STATE FIREMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Thirty-first annual convention, Frederick, Md. Secretary, Lawrence C. Cooney. Sparrows Point, Md. June 12-13 MINNESOTA STATE FIRE DEPARTMENT ASSOCIATION. Fifty-first annual convention, Bemidji, Minn. Secretary, Chief John A. Gross, Red Wing, Minn. June 18-21—SOUTHWEST WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. Annual convention, Wichita…

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