Suggestions for Bettering Newport, Fire Dept.

Issue 4 and Volume 73.

Suggestions for Bettering Newport, Fire Dept. Following the publication of an article in a local daily of Newport, R. I., criticizing the fire department, a committee of the board of aldermen made a thorough investigation of the department and have recently rendered a report containing twenty-six recommendations looking toward the betterment of the service. While pointing out that the article in question which caused Chief Kirwin to demand an investigation of his department by the board was by no means justified in its severe strictures of the department, the report includes the following recommendations: Increase of the permanent force by four men; change of ordinance to make 32 years the maximum entrance age; drills of the permanent force to be held by-weekly and of the call men monthly; inspection be more thorough; a new ton and a half truck be purchased and the water gun be placed on it; additional…

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