Last Year’s Fire Losses

Issue 4 and Volume 73.

Last Year’s Fire Losses As has been evident during the past two or three months, the fire record for 1922 by far exceeds that of any other year in the country’s history with one exception. This exceotion—the year 1906—counts for little, however, as it had an abnormal cause—that of the San Francisco earthquake and fire. So that one can truthfully say 1922 holds the disgraceful record of highest normal fire losses by a substantial surplus, no less than $34,131,060 over that of 1921, and $46,652,495 over that of 1920. The losses by months of 1920, 1921 and 1922 are as follows: The total number of fires of $10,000 and over dur ing 1922 was 4,505. This compares with 4,068 for 1921, or 437 more fires; 3,457 in 1920, 2,904 in 1919 and 2,943 in 1918. The number of these fires by months for 1922 is as follows: January 407, February…

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