Medal Awarded to Terre Haute Water Man

Issue 5 and Volume 73.

Medal Awarded to Terre Haute Water Man The Carnegie Hero Fund Commission at its annual meeting in Pittsburgh, Pa., on January 17 awarded Frank M. Johnson, general foreman of the Terre Haute, Ind., Water Works Company, a bronze Carnegie medal for saving a human life at great danger to his own. The specific act for which the medal was awarded to Mr. Johnson occurred on January 23, 1920, when he rescued L. V. Shephard from a meter well at the local plant of the American Car and Foundry Company. In company with Mr. Johnson, Mr. Shephard went to the car company to take the meter register. When lie descended into the meter well, gas which had escaped from a leaking main and seeped into the well overcame him he fell unconscious. Mr. Johnson stayed at the top to take the readings. As soon as he discovered Mr. Shephard’s predicament lie…

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