Issue 7 and Volume 73.

CONVENTION DATES Feb. 20 and 27-March 6 and 13—FIRE PREVENTION COURSE. Under auspices of Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, Fire Prevention Committee. Chairman Jacob E. Riedel. Chief Division of Fire Prevention, Indianapolis, Did. Feb. 14. 15—INDIANA SANITARY AND WATER SUPPLY ASSOCIATION. Annual convention Claypool Hotel, Indianapolis, Ind. Secretary, C. K. Calvert, 1902 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis, Ind. Feb. 19-20—COURSES FOR WATER WORKS AND SBWAiil DISPOSAL OPERATORS. Address Dr. Charles C. Duryee, Director of the Course, State Department of Health, Albany, N. Y. Feb. 21—FIRE CHIEFS’ CLUB OF MASSACHUSETTS. Monthly meeting. Secretary-Treasurer, A. Howard Fiske, Framingham, Mass. Feb. 21—NEW YORK SECTION OF THE AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. Luncheon and excursion. Further announcement later. Secretary, Burt B. Uodgman, 50 Church Street. Feb. 22-23 —CANADIAN SECTION. AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION. Mid-Winter meeting, Carls Kite Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Can. Secretary, C. I). Brown, manager, Walkerville Water Company, Walkerville, Ontario, Can. March 7—District No. 17…

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