How the British Water Works Functions

Issue 7 and Volume 73.

How the British Water Works Functions Government—Powers of So-Called “Local Authority”—Construction Mostly by Contract—Personnel—Sources of Supply—Water Rates THE English water system are not nearly so well-known to American superintendents os they deserve to be. The Tight Little Isle, in her water works ranks with America as leading the world and few of the continental countries— with the possible exception of Germany—can begin to approach her in the efficiency of their water systems. Major Taylor, who by the way, is a leading English water works engineer, tells some interesting facts as to the British water works systems in the following article: Generally speaking public water supplies in Great Britain are well controlled and administered, that is to say, while in some cases, especially with smaller undertakings, there may be a certain amount of mis-management due to the interference of busybodies who constitute for the most part the present day L. A.…

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