Public School Fire Prevention Essays

Issue 7 and Volume 73.

Public School Fire Prevention Essays The plan of calling for essays on Fire Prevention from pupils of public schools, which has been adopted in several cities recently, has proved very successful in every case. For instance, in Newark, N. J., as told in our news columns on page 314 the chamber of commerce committee on Fire Prevention has awarded three prizes and an honorable mention for such essays. No less than 4,857 of these essays were written by the public school children and 1,168 by the pupils of the parochial schools of Newark. When it is considered that every one of these 6,000 odd children were led to think along the lines of Fire Prevention, the advantages of such a plan becomes evident. These compositions are usually called for during or just before Fire Prevention Week but it need not necessarily be confined to that time. 1 hey can be,…

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