An Illinois Arson Conviction

Issue 7 and Volume 73.

An Illinois Arson Conviction Harry C. Fletcher, former County Clerk of Hardin County, was found guilty in the Circuit Court of White County at Carmi, Friday, January 26, of the burning of the Hardin County Count House at Elizabethtown. The fire occurred December 2, 1921, and the alleged motive was the destruction of certain records in the County Clerk’s office. The case was built up by investigators from the office of State Fire Marshal John G. Gamber. Shortly after the fire, William, alias Blackhawk, Brown was apprehended by a Deputy Fire Marshal and made a confession in which he implicated Fletcher. Brown later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to the Southern Illinois Penitentiary at Chester from one to twenty years. Fletcher was tried in the Circuit Court of Hardin County last July but the jury reported a disagreement. A change of venue was later taken to White County. The case…

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