Veteran Asst. Chief Celebrates Anniversary

Issue 7 and Volume 73.

Veteran Asst. Chief Celebrates Anniversary Assistant Chief William P. Battle, of the Augusta, Ga., fire department on January 26 completed his thirty-fifth year as a fire fighter. Nearly all of the time has been in the service of the Augusta department. He entered it on January 26, 1888, having been prior to that time a member of the volunteer forces for nine years. It is said that Chief Battle bears more scars originating from severe service than any other member of the Augusta department. One of his bravest feats was the rescue of Frank G. Reynolds, who was a private like himself in the department, shortly after he had joined it. The occasion was a fire in the McCoy mill. The fire had started in the center of the plant and was burning fiercely, the building being in danger of being destroyed. Chief Frank Roulette and his men were in…

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